Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our CEO

As 2020 draws to a close after what has been one of the strangest, most unsettling and challenging years that many of us have ever experienced, it has been particularly challenging for the heroic front line care staff.


Shift Allocations on Google Drive

Shift Allocations on Google Drive

Over the last two weeks we transitioned from documenting shift allocations on paper to having them accessible on tablets through google drive


Whose idea was it?
Vee saw that this was used in Heathers and wondered why we can't use it at Cawston Park. He brought the idea to Kamil and Sel


Employee of the Month - Latest Winners!

At the start of the year, we introduced Employee of Month to Cawston Park, to reward staff for outstanding work.

Jeesal Group- Company Strategy

What is 1-3-5?


Farewell to Dr Humayon Dewan

Sadly, our friend and colleague of many years, Dr Humayon Dewan will no longer be working for us at Cawston Park. Humayon has been making long journeys and sacrificing family time for many years and the current situation we find ourselves in with COVID-19 has made it impossible for him to do the long train journeys and continue.

New for 2020! Employee of the Month Award

What is Employee of the Month?

An Update from our Housekeeping Team

This is a brief message from the Housekeeping department to keep everyone up to date as to what we are doing during these challenge times.

Jeesal Shareholders scrap dividends in favour of staff benefits and pay increase.

In times like these we are left with a lot of uncertainty about the future of our career paths and organisation. Following a 2 page announcement from CEO Tugay Akman on how he recognises this, he clarified what the future looks like for our staff and organisation.

Coronavirus Update 2

Please see below a further update around how we are continuing to manage the risk presented by the Coronavirus pandemic. 



Coronavirus update

Coronavirus Update


Please be assured that during these unprecedented times we are doing everything to maintain the safety of our patients, staff and the wider public.