Cawston Park Research Forum

9 November, 2018 - 11:15 News

Cawston Park Research Forum

Cawston Park Research Forum At Cawston Park we are trying to develop to become an evidenced based service which makes regular contributions to the scientific community. Since July 2017 we have been running a monthly research forum which provides an opportunity for people interested in completing research to meet, discuss and exchange ideas as well as promote collaborative working. We also want to help motivate people to set achievable targets, gain experience and knowledge about completing research in a clinical setting and support them to produce outputs which can be disseminated to a wider audience. The forum also tries to act as an informal learning environment where attendees can discuss and learn about different types of research and research method as well as learn more about statistics and statistical analysis. The forum is quite small and focused. On average we have 5 attendees per session ranging from 3 to 8. The regular attendees consist of people primarily from psychology and therapies with some other departments such as psychiatry and Quality and Assurance attending where possible.


Current Research

There are several research projects currently underway at the hospital, all at various stages ranging from conceptual ideas and data collection through to finalising a paper for peer review. Regarding outputs, progress was slow at first as we had only published one paper in the last year and this was done prior to the research forum being established. In April 2018 we made a commitment to ensuring the forum was producing regular outputs and the target was set for members of the forum to complete at least one research paper every financial year and submit it for peer review in an academic journal. This would then be followed in following years with at least one research paper being published in an academic journal.

As of November 2018, members of the research forum have submitted a total of 3 research papers for peer review and, hopefully, publication in an academic journal. There will also be more to follow soon.

Over the next few months, this blog will aim to follow the progress of our research as we engage with the peer review process and try to get it published to share with the wider scientific community. Each blog entry will focus on a different research project. As well as sharing information about the research itself, we will also explore issues relevant to the topic under investigation as well as the highs and lows of completing a research project in a learning disability service.