Fantastic Fireworks!

19 November, 2019 - 19:15 News

Fantastic Fireworks!

On Tuesday 5th November Cawston Park held its annual Firework Event. We all wrapped up very warm and braved the slight drizzle (which thankfully soon stopped!) to attend the spectacular fireworks. The firework display was provided by an external company and set off in the grounds of The Manor. This means that everyone gets a great view while being perfectly safe too!

This event always proves to be a wonderful social gathering, with people from Cawston Park and Residential services getting together to enjoy the evening.

What's Firework Night without food?

Now, we all know that one of the best bits of watching fireworks is to enjoy some hot food at the same time! Therefore the amazing catering team at Cawston Park worked hard to provide hotdogs (veggie options too!), soup and even roasted chestnuts to keep everyone warm and toasty.

We are already looking forward to the next event (Christmas-themed of course!) and preparations are already underway, including the return of the super-popular PhotoMeBooth