How we are encouraging more talking at Cawston Park

3 March, 2020 - 18:00 News

How we are encouraging more talking at Cawston Park

Back in January, Cawston Park's Speech and Language team launched the ‘TALK’ campaign. This campaign was all about documenting when staff talk and create an opportunity to communicate with our service users. 


What is TALK? 

T – Think: can I communicate with my patient now?

A – Action: take your opportunities to communicate with your patients!

L - Like communicating with your patients, it will develop their communication skills!

K - Kindly spend time with your patient, understanding their communication needs.


How did it work? 

Therefore, staff documented what they did to talk to their service user, i.e. did they use signs or verbal language? Did they use symbols or photos? They also documented the reason for the interaction, for example, was it about choice-making for an activity using a choice board? Or were symbols used as part of a ‘Now and Next’ board?. 

This campaign ran from 27th January for two weeks and once it was finished all the entries made in care records with the tag ‘TALK’ were collected and reviewed.

To add a bit of fun into a very dull January, we decided to reward the unit who recorded the most TALK entries with some homemade goodies from the Speech and Language Team. So, after reviewing the data, the unit with the most recorded entries was the Grange! And they were the recipients of some very tasty treats!

Even though the TALK campaign lasted two weeks, we haven’t stopped talking since. We continue this great work - just without the prizes!