Introducing - The Cawston Park Choir

4 February, 2020 - 10:45 News

Introducing - The Cawston Park Choir

It's confession time. How many of us sing in the shower? Or even in the car? And why do we do this? Because singing is fun. But it also has a lot of other benefits, including helping with the body's cardiovascular system, and it's cathartic, meaning it provides an outlet for our feelings.

Singing in a choir

On top of all of those benefits, there's more if you choose to get out and sing with other people. Singing in a choir can give a great sense of togetherness and forge social bonds.

This is why we have decided to start a patient and staff choir at Cawston Park. Initially led by the therapy team (including both the Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy team), patients and staff will be encouraged to run the choir and choose the songs they would like to sing. The sessions will be used to promote communication and confidence in self-expression, turn-taking, social skills, in addition to developing motor skills and providing an enjoyable, sensory, experience that individuals can take pride in being a part of.

These sessions will be delivered through a range of rhythm and vocal warm-ups, in addition to singing the songs that have been chosen. We will be making the songs accessible for all patients through the use of objects of reference, signing and percussion instruments in addition to vocals. We have chosen the first song to allow us to create the signing script and visual resources required and will continue to do this as new songs are chosen.

So, keep a lookout for future updates and maybe even a few practical demonstrations!