January - A time for reflection and resolutions

20 January, 2020 - 13:30 News

January - A time for reflection and resolutions

January is a bit of a funny month, isn't it? It's cold, it's dark and it seems to go on for-ever! Which is why it is often a good opportunity to reflect on the year that has just passed and to start making some plans for the year ahead.


2019 brought some challenging times at Cawston Park, it had some lows and some very sad moments, however, we also had some amazing highs. In 2019 we wanted to strengthen our communications with the families of the people we support. We wanted to get them more involved with what we are trying to achieve and to get to know us all a little better. Therefore we introduced the Carer Event Days. So far we have held two of these events, the most recent being in the weeks leading to Christmas. Both days were absolutely fantastic. They were educational, informative and most of all fun, and we are already planning the next one. 

We also held a summer fete, a Halloween event and a fireworks evening. These events are a wonderful opportunity for everyone to get together and have some fun, so we can't wait to have more in 2020.


In 2020 we want to achieve so much more. First and foremost we want to continue to take steps to improve our CQC rating. We have already worked very hard on this, but we will continue to make this our focus for the year. We also want to become NAS accredited. NAS is the National Autistic Society, and we are working with them on the necessary criteria to achieve accreditation. We also want to be better at communication and to ensure we are sharing all the good work we do. We also want to be better at recognising achievements and embracing people's individuality.

Here's to exciting times ahead in 2020!