Training Department

12 September, 2019 - 16:30 News

Training Department

The Training Department has moved!

As the title suggests, our Training Department has been on the move again, but where to and why?

Where and Why?

The Training Department has recently returned to base themselves at Cawston Park and to operate solely for the hospital services.

What's New?

The programme of Induction Training has been reviewed. Therefore, the Induction training programme now runs for 2 weeks instead of one. This ensures that staff are fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills when they start work.

Director of Operations, Sel Akman, stated "We are very pleased that the Training Department has relocated back to Cawston Park. This move forms part of our Quality Improvement Plans to further enhance the specialist skills of our workforce. We are also happy about the added convenience this has to staff accessing training on-site. Speaking with colleagues it was felt that although the training supplied was effective, the logistics of accessing another site caused issues. We are also happy to be announcing that the Induction will now be extended to 2 weeks. This move demonstrates our commitment to providing a high-quality service for those we support."


Amanda Merrin, Head of Training and Staff Development added, "We as a training team are glad to be back at Cawston Park, not realising how much we missed being here. The reaction to our return has been very positive. Over the next month, we will be expanding the Induction to two weeks in order to deliver specialist training. This will involve using some of our own staff to deliver the training, and I am glad to say that they all volunteered and have put in a lot of work to get the sessions up to the standard required. However, we will not be stopping with just the Induction, so keep an eye on My Learning Cloud for more training opportunities."