Why paint on paper, when you can paint on walls!

25 October, 2019 - 14:00 News

Why paint on paper, when you can paint on walls!

At Cawston Park one of the many and varied activities available for people to take part in are Creative Skills sessions. These sessions usually take place in our Creative Skills studio, often under the guidance of our Creative Skills Tutor, Sajid Isikman. However, occasionally someone has an idea to do something a little bit different or unique. This is exactly what David did, as he described in a recent chat about his latest Creative Skills project.

David explained that he originally discovered his artistic abilities while at school and enjoyed it very much. Therefore he recently thought to himself - 'why not do it here too?'. David is also very keen to keep himself busy! So, he spotted a wall that needed a bit of brightening up and in his words 'okay'd it with the boss' and set to work!

Where to begin?

The first step in creating this masterpiece of a mural was to gather some ideas. David explained that he often uses his Ipad for inspiration. He starts by looking up a category, for example, Disney or other cartoon characters, and goes from there. On this occasion, he thought that the Simpsons would be ideal for adding some colour to the area. So he began by sketching out the outline of the figures and then slowly began to add all the intricate paintwork. Overall, the whole project took David two months to complete, with him spending about an hour on it every day. This shows a huge amount of commitment and dedication to completing his artistic vision!

What's next?

David is very keen to move onto the next project and in fact, has already identified a new door that could do with some of his creative skills.

So all that's left to say is.....watch this space!