What's Perkbox and why have we partnered with them?

At Jeesal, we feel that it's super important to recognise the hard work and commitment that our employees give. We understand that it's essential to have happy and engaged employees for a number of different reasons that include:

Our Christmas Carer Event

Christmas came a week early to Cawston Park when we held our second Carers Event Day. It was a fun-packed festive occasion, and as an added bonus, it didn't rain (absolute proof that Christmas miracles do happen!).

A day full of Christmas treats!

Fantastic Fireworks!

On Tuesday 5th November Cawston Park held its annual Firework Event. We all wrapped up very warm and braved the slight drizzle (which thankfully soon stopped!) to attend the spectacular fireworks. The firework display was provided by an external company and set off in the grounds of The Manor. This means that everyone gets a great view while being perfectly safe too!

A Spooktacular Halloween at Cawston Park!

We may well be hurtling towards the festive season, but we wanted to take a minute to reflect on the very scary and spooky Halloween Disco that took place at the end of October. 

Why do we celebrate Halloween? 

An Amazing Autumn Carer Event Day at Cawston Park

The Autumn Carer Event Day took place on the 23rd  of October. It consisted of a morning session where parents attended talks and presentations including the roles of the team at Cawston Park. There was then an opportunity for families to have lunch with their loved ones, and to take part in lots of activities in the afternoon. These activities included:

Why paint on paper, when you can paint on walls!

At Cawston Park one of the many and varied activities available for people to take part in are Creative Skills sessions. These sessions usually take place in our Creative Skills studio, often under the guidance of our Creative Skills Tutor, Sajid Isikman. However, occasionally someone has an idea to do something a little bit different or unique.

5 Stars!

On Tuesday 3rd September Broadland District Council carried out their food hygiene inspection at Cawston Park. The food hygiene inspector was impressed with what they observed and highly commended the food hygiene practices at Cawston Park. The result of this inspection led to the Catering Team maintaining the 5-star food hygiene rating.

GROW Coaching

What is GROW? 

Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019

About Expo 2019

The Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019 was by far, the biggest NHS-led event of the year. The conference took place on the 4th and 5th September at Manchester Central and attracted around 5,000 people. The attendees came from the NHS, social care, local government and the commercial sector. It focused on bringing the NHS Long Term Plan to life.

Clinical Audit Seminar 2019

On Wednesday 21st August 2019, Jeesal Cawston Park held its 3rd annual Clinical Audit Seminar at the Mercure Hotel, Norwich.

What is Clinical Audit and why do we do it?