Person Centred Care

We use the Care Programme Approach for individuals that are in contact with our service and the following areas are covered within this:

- We have arrangements for assessing the health and social needs of people accepted into our service

- Pre-Admission Assessments are carried for all individuals referred to us

- Reasons for the admission are identified and a treatment plan is agreed with the Commissioners, Families and the current placement

- On admission, individuals have a 72 hour Care Plan which is based on our initial Assessment

- Within 24 hours all individuals are seen by the GP contracted to us

- Needs led assessments are completed by the Multi-Disciplinary Team which informs the Care Plans

- The Care Manager works with us to ensure that the individual is achieving the goals set at the time of admission

- On admission to our services the individuals are assigned a Primary Nurse and a Support Worker, known as a Key Worker who will co-ordinate care throughout their stay

- The individual will have their first CPA Review at 8 weeks and thereafter six monthly with a professional's meeting at 3 monthly intervals.

- Monthly Progress Reports are sent to the Care Managers and relevant Commissioners

- We invite the following people to these Reviews, where appropriate: Family Key Worker/Care Manager Individual using our service Advocate Commissioner Members of our Multi-Disciplinary Team Any other key Stakeholders

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